EFC European Fingerboard Cup 2009 – report

efc 2009Here we are. EFC 2009 is successfully behind us, the end, final credits. After hard day in KD Ldv we found our winner. From my point of view we started at 9 o clock at the morning by preparing whole event for you. Parks must go up and thousands of other stuff too. Whole czech team plus some “happy” guys from +Blackriver-Ramps+ were working really hard to give you this event. At the 11 o’clock was whole event ready to get opened. 10 parks plus wooden pool Blackriver, FF park and some from ProParcs. We re-arranged our program due to massive number of riders who wanted to start in the main competition. First round was 30 seconds ride from whole park. All 6 judges wrote its marks on the paper. Please remember that you must re-register if you don’t give us your registration email. This mistake cost some time and some chaos in the event. Some people didn’t started. Sorry about that. After the first round, guys from Blackriver Ramps showed its skills in small exhibition. 20 riders goes to the second round and start to beat its opponent in versus style. 10 riders goes to finals for game of skate. This part was pretty awesome. Marcus Schmidinger was that rider number one of the EFC 2009!

Final list of Game of SKATE:

Finals (Game of S.K.A.T.E.)

Markus Schmidinger
Elias Assmuth
Petr Pt?ek
Timo Kranz
Michal Kol?ch
David krablek
Julien Klein
Harald Schn
Oliver Blankenburg

Semifinals (Versus)

Daniel Durku vs. Michal Kol?ch
Timo Kranz vs. Ji? Novk
Elias Assmuth vs. Nick Herzog
Harald Schn vs. Miroslav Krej?
Markus Schmidinger vs. Adam B?a
Dimitri Schlotthauer vs. Petr Pt?ek
Julien Klein vs. Flo Kitzmller
Ramon vs. David Siegert
David krablek vs. Vilm R?i?ka
Oliver Blankenburg vs. Petr H?lek

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  1. metalman, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    Zavod to byl suprovej byl muj prvni a uplne gutej

  2. WarpwoodFingerboards, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    bol to super zavod. bol to prvi co som isiel a perfektna organizacia aj vsetko a domov som si doniesol FLATFACE kolecka. a zavodil som hned po brachovi. nech je EFC aj nabuduci rok. BEST EVENT IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

  3. moderator, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    Veskere diskuze presunte na forum kde se na to da take odpovidat.