Prostejov’s entertainment fair – report

Harrics We have a few information about fingerboarding in Prostejov. Ve can happily say that our tent was the most visitable tent in the place. Our place was created from this people: Koutek brothers, Wan?a, Dr.Speak, Honzayk, svobi and my brother. I’d like to say thank you for help. Everyone made its part of work for example wan?a really helps with kids because he explain ollie to everybody. We were ready there in about 7 o’clock and a tent was ready sometimes around 8 o’clock. When the clock hit the 9 the first wave of small kids just arrived to the place. Everyone want to know which glue we use to stick the deck on the fingers. Guys also learn someone to ollie in 20 minutes. Also some different riders arrived. They took their decks and come to film some footage. Whole event was supported by Swat Skates. They also gave us small leaflets which save us lot of work. Also we thanks a lot for prizes. This was good event and see you on another one.

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  1. honfojty, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    Škoda že sem se tam nedostal :( to mam docela daleko :D ale jinak myslim ze ste tim udelali dobrou reklamu pro rozvoj FingerBoardingu :)
    :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRATLUJU !!!!!!!!!:)

  2. hans, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    na m? si zapom?l? :D jinak honzo ?ikam ty baby nikoho nezajímaj :D

  3. honzayk, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    dyt tam máš jeden xicht ne? myslim :D a ja jsem to nepsal. Ale každopádn? se t?ším na další ro?níky :D

  4. hans, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    jjj zase p?ijedem :) jinak byloto super

  5. martanzyk, %A %B %e%q, %Y

    kdy bude dalsi rocnik