Review: SnobStyle GX

snsWe recently got hands on the new GX SnobStyle series. Today we look at it from near and for all the details. If you order this new product, you will not regret it. Comes to you in a nice box with tape – Propaganda response tape. There is a choice of two colors and four designs. Of course, the boards are available in complete versions with propaganda trucks. GX series from the previous version offers only a concave shape, which we considered an advantage, because they focused only on the development of a shape and the results are better than before. Nose is also different from the tail, just like on real skateboards. SnobStyle boards are manufactured using high-end machines with a large proportion of manual quality control. Therefore, they are absolutely accurate and compatible with most hardware on the market. Width 29.5 mm provides better control of both the street and in vert. Design is treated with a very thin but strong layer deposition coating evenly on each plate place.

As I rode year and a half on the board of Berlinwood now I can see differences in individual decks. You know that Berlinwood is one of the best on the market. Snobstyle offers something extra because of the different design is an excellent alternative. So how do the two different boards? First of all shape. Snobstyle is a little sharper and more concave and thus offers better control. Berlinwood has a ‘milder’ concave. Most are from each other but differ feet. Berlinwood has a more pointed, longer feet than the SNS. That shape suits me very well. As for processing, so SnobStyle is much better treated, especially in terms of painting. As a result, it is therefore an excellent alternative for those who want crisper behavior plates. You can order now.

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    a ten finger je cooooooooooooool in fakt mrte lepsi ja berlin wood

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    u se na n?j t?m, vypad skv?le!!! :)