Review: New Harrier

Harriera In oticed not long time ago that i have one unique Harrier ram for a test. The time is fulfilled, and now we have small review. You can now read in peace and see great photos, arranged by Jakub ‘havy’ Hofhanzl. So let’s see. The first time I got an obstacle in your hand it was quite a small affair. It measures approximately 14 cm in length, 6,5 wide and high is something about four inches. The radius and the back sidehave engrained sample simulating the structure of a brick wall, which I was quite afraid because of smoothness. Fortunately, I was surprised by that magic surface because of no resistance by that brick wall surface..On the contrary, it adds an obstacle distinctive look and sound great especially during a raid on the radius. I was surprised by the material from which the Harrier made. Neither I nor robes of a mysterious origin of the material we were unable to identify. But it is very hard and durable. Neither the etched grooves nail fail, as we know from barriers made of plaster. The koping or to the upper edge of the obstacle is printed logo Harriers as we know from other pieces. Overall, the obstacle is quite light and tricks unfortunately driving off. Especially if we went to the marble surface. This problem is solved by 4 pieces of random riptape. As for the processing of all obstacles I’m satisfied. Great acting as lean street obstacles, precisely because it is not perfect and symmetrical. All edges are sanded and rounded. But there is little more step in a raid on a radius. I have to reduce the pressure when I wnat to ride that radius, otherwise I will stuck to the edge.

So I summed it up. Great, lean obstacle that you will have fun like me. It can give you a lot of tricks. Harrier obstacle warmly recommend to all riders!

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