EFC Challenge Serial 6 Contest

videoEFC Community introducing another part of fingerboard contests, EFC Challenge Serial. Third volume will be held 6th December 2014 in EFC Fingerboard Club Prague, Czech Republic. EFC Challenge Serial is another addition to our fingerboard competitions like the original critically acclaimed EFC European Fingerboard Cup, bringing new fresh features and elements. EFC Challenge Serial is not a substitute for the EFC European Cup but we decide to add even more contests from the EFC universe. Prepare your fingers! 6.12.2014, EFC Fingerboard Club Prague! For more informations check the poster here or visit EFC Fingerboard Club Prague or EFC Community.

EFC Challenge Serial


EFC European Fingerboard Community.


EFC Challenge Serial Poster: Link
EFC European Fingerboard Community Main Page: Link
EFC Fingerboard Club Prague: Link

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