Dreamland trip

dreamland2nd of the December we meet with Swat Skates team and headquarters of the Blackriver-Ramps like every month. This meeting was in some way special and created few weeks back. And this is our small report from our trip. The journey starts at the Prague in front of Swat where we met. Long road was running really fast. We are talking about interesting topics so no one get bored. When we arrived, Thomas Hansen took as to take a look at brand new obstacles. Really luxury obstacles. In this moment we splited at the two groups. Me and Vojta was talking with Hansen about new Dreamland concept what we are working on and I could say that it will be awesome stuff for you guys. Maybe it looks that nothing is happening but you simply need to wait. Vojta was shooting whole stuff. At the first time the game of skate. Hul?a vs Hansen and the result is 5:4 for Hansen. Whole filming was on pretty nice street park. After that we took a look at the brand new fingerboarder magazine than ready to go home.

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