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Blackriver ramps have a new project. Its all about new limited edition of ramps. All it have one rub. You can buy it only in your local store. Next word is from Blackriver ramps webpage: We present the shown ramps in the context of our ‘Support-your-local-skateshop’ program. These ramps will only be available in your local skateshops, they won’t be sold online ? not even at the Blackriver webshop! So what’s the deal with this ‘Support-your-local-skateshop’ program? We want you to support your local skateshops, because they are the ones, who are part of and have a crucial share in skateboard history from the beginning. For example, they initiate and support local skatepark projects. They host and support skateboard and fingerboard events, organize exhibitions, sponsor a team and so on. Moreover they offer a professional guidance in skateboard equipment etc. In short, they create and afford space for culture. Blackriver wants this space to survive. Therefore we support skateshops with this program, because in this day and age skateshops are threatened by that ‘tight is right’ mentality, i.e. by customers, who prefer getting their stuff at cheaper online providers. In short, it’s generally useful to consume high quality and sustainable products and take a look at the producers/sellers and their engagement (in this case in skateboarding and fingerboarding culture). Along these lines ‘support your local skateshop’ and get the new ramps there! If you can’t find your local skateshop in the list below, just feel free to ask your skateshop to order it for you.

You can find this ramps in certain retail stores only, to name a few of them, Blackriver store in Berlin, Swat Shop, European Fingerboard Club Prague and more. Complete list of stores can be found on the blackriver website in the Support your skateshop section.

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